St. Ives

The Artists

Greg Hill


Born in Birmingham but now living in St Ives in Cornwall, Greg is 46, married with three children. His love affair with the town of St Ives began in the early 1970s and his love has not been tarnished by either time or change.


Greg has previously sold his artworks through other galleries, including the Judy Emmanuel Gallery in St Ives. Painting primarily in watercolours, Greg also works in oils, acrylics and mixed media.


Greg hopes that some of his passion for St Ives is reflected in his work and that kindred spirits may recognise those special somethings that draw thousands of visitors to the town every year.

St Ives, Cornwall.

The quality of the light in St Ives is special. To some extent its quality can be attributed to the climate of the region and the special geography of the town and its surroundings.


But it is not something that can be quantified; it is ephemeral and continually changing; it is a primary reason why so many artists have made St Ives their home; and it is also a reason why a St Ives holiday can be such a joyful experience.

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St Ives

Gray Smith


Gray Smith is a 46yr old father of two and husband to his wife Trista.

He is a self-taught photographer who lives in Warwickshire and loves the outdoors.


He continues to search for the “perfect place for that sunset image” and has come closest yet when attending a wedding in St Ives, a place he now loves to visit.


He is never happier than when he has his camera in hand searching for that special shot and hopes his passion comes across in the images he has taken.


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